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A couple of updates

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Nov. 10th, 2007 | 11:29 pm
posted by: buffyphreak in hp_talk

Movie Casting News

From Mugglenet:
CBBC Newsround has announced that Helen McCrory will play the part of Narcissa Malfoy in the sixth Potter flick, Half-Blood Prince. Apparently, WB has "been after" McCrory for some time.

You may remember that McCrory was originally cast as Bellatrix Lestrange in Order of the Phoenix but was unable to fulfill the role due to her pregnancy.

(Note: that would have been ridiculous. No one but HBC could ever have been Bellatrix!)

JKR News

From Mugglenet:
Once again, JK Rowling is up for consideration as TIME's Person of the Year. TIME is looking for input from their visitors via a poll, where you can rank ten candidates from least favorite to most favorite. They also have pros and cons for rating Jo:

Pro: Finished a seven-book epic that will be read by children (and lots of adults) for generations to come. Slowly creeping up on Agatha Christie as the most read author not named Shakespeare.

Con: Seventh book wasn't her best, and hard to argue she was the most important person of 2007.

(Note: suck it, TIME Magazine.)

You can vote here.

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