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This is a Harry Potter community for me and my Harry Potter-loving friends, created because we rack up totally retarded phone bills talking about our ridiculously intricate theories about these books (Also, when we talk about it over the phone, people around can hear us, which can be pretty embarassing).

No theory is too ridiculous to ponder/post, for example: my theory as to who Aunt Petunia is really referring to at the beginning of Book 5 when she says that "awful boy" told her who the dementors were (it was totally Snape... shut up, logic I RULE!!!), or iheartkittys's theory about the Chocolate Frog cards, etc... We can post all of our HP thoughts here.

This is also a place where we can post exciting HP news snagged from other sources. Or... just generally be nerds.

If you do Harry Potter and you would like to be added, you can join via LJ or send us an email at talk_hp@yahoo.com. Sorry, you must be a member to post comments.
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